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Urban Spaces

4:31 PM, Thursday 21st May 2015 POSTED BY

Since the 60s Malta has experienced a burst of construction in attempts to support an expanding economy post-Independence. This construction has sometimes been left unchecked, unfinished, or unused. This urbanisation of Malta’s landscape has added unique shapes and artificial structures where there were none before, changing the environment. Matthew Grech provides an exploration of these patterns in …


Thoughts on an Architectural Condition

9:42 AM, Thursday 11th September 2014 POSTED BY

Does Malta have an architecture that is representative of our time? Malta is saturated with architecture. Building sites have become a permanent visual feature within our collective perception. Yet with all that is being built and modified, we are rarely ever permitted the time to stop and comprehend what is developing before us, why certain architecture exists …


Rock, Paper, City

7:22 PM, Saturday 6th September 2014 POSTED BY

With the City Gate and new Parliament building well underway, Renzo Piano‚Äôs mission to give Valletta a facelift has attracted all sorts of criticism. However, whether being about the blue party/red party political faction issues or urban planning points of contention that have surrounded the project, the dialogue has only been going around in circles, with plenty …