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What’s Wrong With God?

3:05 PM, Thursday 28th May 2015 POSTED BY

On the 10th of January, 1610, an Italian scientist named Galileo Galilei made a startling observation. He had been looking at the planet Jupiter through his homemade telescope, and noticed that four smaller dots that accompanied it were actually moving around it, orbiting it. Until then, the prevailing view was that everything – everything – orbited us. …


The Creators Project

1:11 PM, Tuesday 19th May 2015 POSTED BY

“Moving on to the new, Halycon have released a demo of a song called To the End. If you like your music rough then you’ll like this band. They’re simply a bunch of post-pubescent punks and there’s no harm in that. This is a band I’m keeping an eye on, however, because there’s something about them that …


The City of Nostalgia

1:40 AM, Tuesday 3rd February 2015 POSTED BY

Walking into Valletta, one is borne upon the current of bustling suits, briefcases, shopping bags and cameras. The scenery: a river of faces avoiding glimpses of acquaintances keeping with the steady beat of rubber soles slapping the ground and the occasional clank of metal being assembled in the shape of modernity. Yet take a left turn around …


Behind The Veil

11:10 PM, Wednesday 15th October 2014 POSTED BY

Look up, and you will see web-like fluorescent threads illuminated in the light like so many dreamcatchers safeguarding this gathering of souls from the evils outside. The dreamcatcher was originally used to protect infants, and it is not a coincidence that you see these vague glow-in-the-dark webs in this way. At this time, in this place, you …


How Valletta’s Reaction to Street Art Betrays Institutional Decrepitude

10:49 PM, Wednesday 15th October 2014 POSTED BY

Did you know that Valletta is the European Capital of Culture for 2018? This is a status given to a city to celebrate its unique culture, and a chance to regenerate its culture to compete on an international level. Valletta attained this remarkable bid on the back of a massive City Gate regeneration project and riding on …


Channel The Madness

10:22 PM, Wednesday 15th October 2014 POSTED BY

The sun rises across the serene azure seas as the assemblage come to terms with what it has just been through. A kaleidoscope of half dreamt visions and semi-myopic thought bubbles lie indented into the recent subconsciousness; ego and personality temporarily unsure of their place and their entwined identity; the very core of one’s being is awestruck …


The Catalyst

9:50 PM, Wednesday 15th October 2014 POSTED BY

‘Our goal was to state clearly, through a symbolic, emblematic act, that culture in Europe needs to be one of the strengths in the construction of Europe.’ – Jack Lang, Former French Minister of Culture, Creator of the European Capital of Culture


A Lack Of

3:34 PM, Wednesday 15th October 2014 POSTED BY

When the phrase ‘pajjiz tal-Mickey Mouse’ is endlessly reiterated as being descriptive of a country’s politics and cultural output, you can easily assume that there is an inherent drawback in national consciousness and, possibly, abilities. Yet if said nation was known for its hardworking and capable population and thus no shortcomings can be attributed to technical aptitude, …


The Lords Of The Flies

3:03 PM, Wednesday 15th October 2014 POSTED BY

My first real experience of politics at the university level came at the annual general meeting of students in my first year. It was a meeting beset by problems, with an incompetent chair, a stream of students entering and exiting the hall without registration, a large crowd of Pulse supporters from Junior College whose presence would have …


Black Magic

3:09 PM, Wednesday 24th September 2014 POSTED BY

A couple of weeks ago a video went up on the Facebook page called ‘Daqshekk ghall-Immigrazzjoni Llegali [sic] f’Malta’, showing a group of black people beating another bunch of black people accused of witchcraft. This culminated in a group burning, with those running to get away from the fire beaten back into it with a certain glee …


The Pecking Order

7:45 PM, Saturday 6th September 2014 POSTED BY

The thorny issue of hunting and trapping in Malta is one that seems to elicit strong emotions and fiery tempers while ignoring key facts and foregoing unbiased judgement. As the liberals bank on celebrity endorsements and heartstring pulling images àla PETA to get their message across, and the traditional attempt to use custom and The Maltese Way to …


Rock, Paper, City

7:22 PM, Saturday 6th September 2014 POSTED BY

With the City Gate and new Parliament building well underway, Renzo Piano’s mission to give Valletta a facelift has attracted all sorts of criticism. However, whether being about the blue party/red party political faction issues or urban planning points of contention that have surrounded the project, the dialogue has only been going around in circles, with plenty …


The New Face of Maltese Culture

3:07 PM, Saturday 6th September 2014 POSTED BY

Five years ago, Malta made international headlines for the banning of a play by a board that didn’t even get around to seeing it. Banned for being blasphemous, perverted, offensive to Auschwitz victims, and celebratory of child murderers and sexual assault, the Stitching debacle was a sign of the times for Malta. The ideals of freedom of …