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How to Drown Mediocrity (When We Ourselves are Drowning In It)

4:01 PM, Monday 6th July 2015 POSTED BY

Over the past couple of years I have read and re-read Walter Benjamin’s iconic essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction – originally out of duty and consequently out of enthusiasm. The essay, written on the cusp of the Second World War, endeavours to understand the relationship between human visual experience and mechanised …


Urban Spaces

4:31 PM, Thursday 21st May 2015 POSTED BY

Since the 60s Malta has experienced a burst of construction in attempts to support an expanding economy post-Independence. This construction has sometimes been left unchecked, unfinished, or unused. This urbanisation of Malta’s landscape has added unique shapes and artificial structures where there were none before, changing the environment. Matthew Grech provides an exploration of these patterns in …


Made in Malta

11:16 PM, Wednesday 15th October 2014 POSTED BY

Walking round the streets of Valletta, the Maltese fashion sense may not immediately scream Style Capital of 2013. The Maltese style identity, even among the fashion-savvy, seems to be a concoction of mass-produced clothing emanating from every corner of the world except our own – we may not think twice about shelling out a week’s pay over …


Hipster Than Thou

4:16 PM, Wednesday 15th October 2014 POSTED BY

PATRON looks around the assorted knitted scarves, vintage hats and out-there coats on show outside Owls & Antlers, hoping to catch a glimpse of Yumi, the artist girl who always behaves like a cat. Not simply to peer of course. We brought our pocket chihuahua with us dressed in a très chic checkered flannel waistcoat, hoping to …


Code Breaking

1:08 PM, Friday 3rd October 2014 POSTED BY

Since its first print run back in ‘82, the Codex Serafinianus has galvanised readers around the globe. In its fourth edition, with the tome growing larger each time as new chapters are added, the mystery of the Codex is as intriguing as ever. The book is written in a fantastical made-up alphabet and illustrated with hand-drawn pictures …