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The (Probable) Birth of Maltese Cinema

11:52 AM, Thursday 7th May 2015 POSTED BY

The cinema industry in Malta is presently undergoing notable positive changes, continuing to entice Hollywood directors and producers to create their films locally. Only recently was the news announced that Michael Bay’s drama on the killing of the American ambassador in Libya would be filmed locally. From an economic perspective, having such films shot in Malta is …


A Particular Nakedness: The Vernacular in Contemporary Maltese Music

5:28 PM, Thursday 16th October 2014 POSTED BY

This year marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mikiel Anton Vassalli, reformer of the Maltese education system and a veritable founder of modern Malta. One of the most extraordinary effects of his achievements has been the creation of art in Maltese across the fields of literature, theatre and music. During the past decade, Maltese lyrical …


A Cure For The System

3:53 PM, Friday 26th September 2014 POSTED BY

A couple of weeks back, I watched my parents as they stood staring quizzically at the bathroom wall, deciding where to position the new medicine cupboard. I tried to understand why they were so preoccupied with such a trivial logistical issue, only to realize that their conundrum was a legitimate concern.