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How to Drown Mediocrity (When We Ourselves are Drowning In It)

4:01 PM, Monday 6th July 2015 POSTED BY

Over the past couple of years I have read and re-read Walter Benjamin’s iconic essay The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction – originally out of duty and consequently out of enthusiasm. The essay, written on the cusp of the Second World War, endeavours to understand the relationship between human visual experience and mechanised …


The Creators Project

1:11 PM, Tuesday 19th May 2015 POSTED BY

“Moving on to the new, Halycon have released a demo of a song called To the End. If you like your music rough then you’ll like this band. They’re simply a bunch of post-pubescent punks and there’s no harm in that. This is a band I’m keeping an eye on, however, because there’s something about them that …


Capturing A Space Between Worlds

3:58 PM, Friday 26th September 2014 POSTED BY

Kris Micallef is the architect of his own underwater kingdom, a fabled little place constructed from floating gymnasts and golden specks. But he is not going to tip you over a cliff to see his world. Instead, he invites you to Blitz, where his creation comes to life through a photography exhibition under the name of REGNVM.


A Cure For The System

3:53 PM, Friday 26th September 2014 POSTED BY

A couple of weeks back, I watched my parents as they stood staring quizzically at the bathroom wall, deciding where to position the new medicine cupboard. I tried to understand why they were so preoccupied with such a trivial logistical issue, only to realize that their conundrum was a legitimate concern.


Goodbye Plato, Thanks for the Memories

7:30 PM, Saturday 6th September 2014 POSTED BY

Art school is a whimsical, exciting place for those who enter through it’s gates, yet once you find yourself at the exit you realize that your mind is significantly more confuzzled than it was initially. For some, the looming thought of unpromising career options, if any, is a frightening and relentless concern that poses devilishly on their …


(De)Memorialising Malta’s Heroes

7:19 PM, Saturday 6th September 2014 POSTED BY

[On the mutual negation of art and memory]


The New Face of Maltese Culture

3:07 PM, Saturday 6th September 2014 POSTED BY

Five years ago, Malta made international headlines for the banning of a play by a board that didn’t even get around to seeing it. Banned for being blasphemous, perverted, offensive to Auschwitz victims, and celebratory of child murderers and sexual assault, the Stitching debacle was a sign of the times for Malta. The ideals of freedom of …