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The Creators Project

1:11 PM, Tuesday 19th May 2015 POSTED BY

“Moving on to the new, Halycon have released a demo of a song called To the End. If you like your music rough then you’ll like this band. They’re simply a bunch of post-pubescent punks and there’s no harm in that. This is a band I’m keeping an eye on, however, because there’s something about them that …


The Man Preserving Our Musical History

10:01 PM, Wednesday 15th October 2014 POSTED BY

When No Bling Show released their single Marija s-Sabiħa last year, I couldn’t help but be spirited away by the għana sample that introduces the track (it comes in at about 2:27 in the above video). Even though the NBS track itself is beautiful, there was something haunting and otherworldly about the old sampled Maltese voice singing …


A Cure For The System

3:53 PM, Friday 26th September 2014 POSTED BY

A couple of weeks back, I watched my parents as they stood staring quizzically at the bathroom wall, deciding where to position the new medicine cupboard. I tried to understand why they were so preoccupied with such a trivial logistical issue, only to realize that their conundrum was a legitimate concern.


The New Face of Maltese Culture

3:07 PM, Saturday 6th September 2014 POSTED BY

Five years ago, Malta made international headlines for the banning of a play by a board that didn’t even get around to seeing it. Banned for being blasphemous, perverted, offensive to Auschwitz victims, and celebratory of child murderers and sexual assault, the Stitching debacle was a sign of the times for Malta. The ideals of freedom of …