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A Slice of Maltese Life

7:32 PM, Wednesday 17th February 2016 POSTED BY

A piano sits abandoned on a bright Maltese day. Suddenly, a pigeon plummets onto its keys, landing with a tuneless thud. Thus begins Malta’s very own Do Re Me Fa, written and directed by Chris Zarb. The film comprises of four parallel, but partially interwoven, plot threads, all set within the confines of our very own island.


The (Probable) Birth of Maltese Cinema

11:52 AM, Thursday 7th May 2015 POSTED BY

The cinema industry in Malta is presently undergoing notable positive changes, continuing to entice Hollywood directors and producers to create their films locally. Only recently was the news announced that Michael Bay’s drama on the killing of the American ambassador in Libya would be filmed locally. From an economic perspective, having such films shot in Malta is …